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Best BBQ Grills

So, you are researching the best BBQ grills on the market and finding it hard to make a choice.

Before jumping straight into making a purchase there are a range of things to consider.

Things to consider when choosing the best outdoor BBQ grills

The most obvious points to consider are

  • Price,
  • Portability
  • Power source
  • Size
  • Type of BBQ grill
  • Durability

The first consideration for most of us when making any type of purchase is the price. BBQ grills range wildly from low cost, portable grills through to works of art that are at the center of a well equipped outdoor entertaining area. When you are looking through this website you will notice we have reviewed the best BBQ grills based on their price range to help narrow your search.

Next thing to look at is the size of the BBQ grill. This is different for each individuals situation. Are you looking for a BBQ that is portable and that you can take on a picnic or take camping? Or, is the BBQ grill going to be used as a stationary fixture of an outdoor area of you’re home? The other consideration is the cooking area you require and how many people you’re cooking for. Having and heating a larger cooking area than required is a waste of fuel whether that’s charcoal, gas or electricity. Also with gas and electric grills, how many burners do you need?

Next, lets explore the different types of BBQ Grills.

Best BBQ Grills by Type

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are exactly as they name implies, they’re fueled by charcoal beads that are readily purchased.  Charcoal grills come in a range of varieties and prices but generally they can be one of the cheapest options.  You can get small charcoal grills that are essentially disposable which is ideal for a camping trip or picnic. They can be larger and free standing on legs, wheels or even built into a trolley or you can get one of the best know charcoal grills like a Kettle BBQ.  The kettle BBQ basically looks like a big metal ball on legs and can be used as a portable or a free standing cooker in the yard.

Gas Grills

It’s hard to beat the convenience of barbecuing with gas.  There’s very little preparation other than turning the burners on.  The heat is even and very easy to regulate which is not necessarily the case when using charcoal.  Of course, gas grills are available in a myriad of sizes and price ranges so these are the decisions to make first.  The other thing to decided upon with a gas grill is whether you will be better suited to a grill that is fueled by propane or natural gas.

Propane Or Natural Gas?

Propane gas grills are the more popular and widely used as the gas, being store in bottles, is readily available, inexpensive and allows you to have a bbq grill that is easily transportable. The down side of using Propane gas is that you must ensure that you have enough gas in the bottles before you start cooking, there is nothing worse than running out half way through cooking.

Natural gas grills have the advantage of being connected to a natural gas line so that you don’t have to worry about running out.  The downside is that the connection will have to be made by a gas technician and that, of course, will add to the cost.  The other downside of natural gas is the lack of portability once installed.  Some of the Best BBQ grills have the option of which way you will initially configure them, propane or natural gas but often once configured you can’t go back.

Electric BBQ Grills

Electric grills can be one of the cheapest options, the heat is even and easy to control and they don’t produce any smoke.  Electric BBQ grills are ideal if you have a small area, want to use it indoors or for example an apartment balcony.  As mains power is required they are not easily transportable.

Buying an Outdoor Barbecue Grill

With a better idea of what to look for when choosing the best BBQ grills, my last piece of advice is to do your research.

There are real advantages in buying a BBQ from one of the better know manufacturers as they provide good after sales service and warranty programs.

Also, take a few minutes to read some other customer reviews of how they found the product to perform after purchase.  Please navigate the site and check out the reviews of what we believe are the best BBQ grills.

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